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High quality service

casino uy tín Dental is proud to be one of the “Reputable – Quality” dental addresses in Ho Chi Minh City today. With the presence of a team of highly qualified doctors, many years of experience in the field of dentistry and graduates from prestigious universities, we provide you with high-class dental services and Highlights include:

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Modern equipment & technology

casino uy tín Dental Clinic stands out with a system of advanced, modern machinery and equipment that meets international standards; along with licensed and strictly sterile medical instruments according to the standards of the Ministry of Health:

  • 3D X-ray machine and treatment chair
  • On-site X-ray machine and 3D scanning equipment
  • Porcelain teeth making system and implant machine
  • 3M Orthodontic System
  • Laser Whiteness Perfect teeth whitening kit

Our Motto

Dentistry is a specialty in medicine so the patient’s health is always on top.

A decision to intervene in the teeth or structures around the teeth must be carefully assessed and analyzed prior to initiation, in particular, non-reversible invasive procedures such as teeth grinding and dental drills..

Aesthetics is increasingly superior to dental restorations in dentistry, but the dentist often grinds on a lot of teeth.

Consequently, the patient is susceptible to pain, inflammation, chewing uncomfortable, aching muscles ….

In order to avoid these abnormalities, casino uy tín always pursues the view of “minimally Invasive Dentistry”.

We employ the most advanced sticking technology, using precision-cutting technology, from dental implant to dental engraving, using the highest-quality porcelain material that ensures natural color, and optimal durability.

We believe that preserving the integrity of the teeth is a great way to keep your teeth in good shape.

Beauty is a very difficult category to define for accuracy, beauty depends on many factors such as race, culture, beliefs, opinions or personal preferences. However, we all agree that something beautiful or someone beautiful must achieve the balance, harmony.

Beauty must also be associated with fresh and natural. A smile that is considered beautiful must be a natural smile on the happy face.

Mouth blends with gum make a smile or a laugh is the individual characteristics.

A bright tooth will help make the smile more confident, whereas a dull, crowded teeth or scream will make someone very anxious to laugh. However, a tooth that is too white does not correspond to the skin color of the gums or does not create with the lips, will cause offensive and artificial.

casino uy tín dentists change the smile of the patient through improved, healthy gums that help restore, maintain, stabilize function and create a radiant, harmonious

Painful psychology is the biggest obstacle for anyone looking to visit a dentist. A toothache or obsession with a tooth extraction can make someone over 10 years or even a lifetime without a dentist.

As a consequence, the severely damaged teeth are accepted

Understanding this casino uy tín Dental Clinic always try to solve the anxiety of the patients by examining thoroughly and let the patients know exactly the problem they really need to treat.

casino uy tín always strives to apply advanced procedures along with medical standards to treat patients. The materials we use are originated from clear origin.

More than anyone else we always evaluated the value we make, we also believe that the patient will feel the same way. casino uy tín : “always try to do the best thing.”

The bond between the patient and the doctor is what casino uy tín is aiming for, so that any patients who have decided to sit in our dental chairs are nothing to worry.


Dear Customers (Patients),

casino uy tín  dentistry is born in the time of the blooming “Dental Clinic”. Therefore, it is not difficult for anyone who needs dental’s treatment can find a dental clinic.

We believe that  casino uy tín Dental Clinic has the best team of doctors who choose the treatment that always put the patients’s health first.  casino uy tín  always strives to apply the highest standards of treatment. We are willing to listen and accept our shortcomings, ready to receive shortcomings in treatment and corrected it. That’s how we think  casino uy tín  is progressing and improving everyday.

casino uy tín Dental Clinic is always puts customer’s interests first, customer’s satisfaction is the foundation for  casino uy tín  to thrive. To do that, in addition to the endless efforts of  casino uy tín , the feedback of customers is extremely valuable.

So let  casino uy tín  know your needs and have the opportunity to “CHANGE YOUR SMILE”!

casino uy tín  is born in the time when the competition is very intense, we will face many difficulties and challenges to survive and thrive. But, as has been said, “ casino uy tín is trying to do to be the best” I believe that is the motivation for us to work everyday. We do not expect things to be too easily because that will make us lazy and backward..

Dentistry is a specialty in medicine so in daily basic I always want you to remember one thing: absolutely not be neglective with any stage of treatment. A very small mistake can pay a huge price that we can not measure. You and I are free not to do things that we do not know because we have to anticipate the results that we intend to do. Therefore, in order to improve each day, each and every one must strive and strive continuously.

casino uy tín  will be the best place for everyone to work, a team that joins together to work with the established working principle. Each individual will receive a reward worthy of his or her capacity. All your efforts and contributions are rewarded worthy.

With patients  casino uy tín  will be a reliable dental clinic address, a place where customers are completely feel free, and comfortable to come.

Most importantly,  casino uy tín  does not just open to do a business, but also to make patients happy and satisfice with the service  casino uy tín  provide.