Deep Bleach


What is the Whitening Teeth Whitening System?

KöR Whitening is famous for being the first bleaching system in the world to cool the entire line of whitening gels from production to delivery to dentists and dental clinics around the world. The reason is that bleaching gel is an unstable chemical and changes its chemical structure under different environmental conditions.If the cold temperature is not guaranteed, the bleaching effect will not be achieved. Optimal because the drug product no longer retains its perfect structure as it has just been manufactured.

KöR Whitening is confident that the system provides methods and techniques for whitening teeth with bleaching gel products that are refrigerated throughout and achieve nearly 100% efficiency.

How does Deep Bleach work?

Most bleaching methods follow the principle: The bleaching effect is directly proportional to the concentration and duration of the whitening agent’s contact with the tooth surface. That is, the higher the concentration and the longer the exposure, the better the teeth will be.

Tuy cùng một nguyên tắc tẩy trắng răng nhưng Deep Bleach sở hữu thành phần thuốc Ultra T riêng biệt, bao gồm hệ thống công thức độc quyền của Kor Whitening mang lại hiệu quả vượt trội và thời gian bền màu hơn so với các sản phẩm thông thường.

With Deep Bleach method for tooth decay, there will be a combination of 2 levels of bleaching: in-room bleaching and self-cleaning at home.

Reference procedure: In-office bleaching with 13% bleach concentration with double action from KöR’s exclusive formula. Then bleach at home at night before sleeping for 6-8 weeks. Finish the treatment with in-room bleach, using a drug concentration of up to 34% with the Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide formula gel. Then should maintain at home 3-6 months bleach to achieve long-term results.

The appearance of Deep Bleach is considered a “savior” for cases of teeth contaminated with cytochrome-cyine-cline thought to have completely lost hope on bleaching and is facing the decision to make porcelain teeth to improve the aesthetic. fine tooth.

3 Outstanding Advantages Of Deep Bleach Whitening

Some advantages show the difference of the KöR whitening system.

Bleached material is stored under standard conditions: Dr. Kurthy said: After years of research and testing of storage conditions, the fact that bleaching gel is well preserved under standard refrigeration conditions during transportation and storage will ensure maximum efficiency. when treating on teeth. Therefore, before the dentist receives the Deep Bleach whitening kit from the manufacturer, the bleach was standard refrigerated during transportation.
90% of cases are no sensitivity: Cold storage not only increases the effectiveness of bleach, but also minimizes the side effects by not preserving chemicals that irritate the sensitive teeth. So, during the bleaching process COMPLETELY RESTRICTED CAUSE EGGS helped Deep Bleach to gain the trust of users.
Deep inner impact – Maintaining effect: Teeth whitening method from KöR Whitening manufacturer is confident with 2 outstanding advantages of Deep Bleach without any bleaching method to overcome:
+ One: Deep Bleach “repels” to tarnish on teeth due to a-cy-cline infection.

+ Two: Deep Bleach is claimed to have a lasting effect.

Studies show that in the perfect condition, customers who comply with the dentist’s requirements are not re-stained, a few cases have stained but very little and do not return to the original color. Deep bleach is not only in the room but also in the home bleaching process, Deep Bleach also uses bleaching materials with a stronger concentration and impact than ordinary home products.

The long-lasting effectiveness of the Deep Bleach bleaching method has created favorable conditions for the teeth to recover their ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen molecules from the bleaching gel penetrate into the cavities in the teeth, breaking long-lasting stains on the teeth and deep within the structure to prevent permanent re-coloring. With the effect of Deep Bleach, teeth infected with cyanogen-cline may be whiter than 20 tones (In some cases, the actual user is 25-40 tones white).

Deep Bleach bleaching effect

Although Deep Bleach is not the cheapest teeth whitening method on the market, it is a method that will bring the expected effect to people with long-term tooth decay. In some cases where people have teeth that are too sensitive, Deep Bleach is also recommended by dentists when it fails with conventional methods.

Currently in Vietnam, only casino uy tín Dental Clinic is delivered with DEEP BLEACH bleaching techniques and methods directly from the US KöR Whitening bleaching system. Any questions please contact 0914 830 117 for detailed instructions.

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