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Why Do Milk Teeth Need To Be Exposed At The Right Time?

Extraction of milk teeth at the wrong time can make the baby’s process of permanent teething become disordered, a beautiful permanent teeth depends a lot from the stage of replacement teeth.  

Replacement of a baby tooth is an important time for permanent tooth aesthetics.  

Early or late extraction of a baby tooth compared to the time of replacing the correct tooth according to the development process is not beneficial for the baby.  

If the tooth is extracted early, the adjacent teeth will move into the loss of teeth so that the permanent tooth germ will grow in the outer or outward position. The permanent teeth will later deviate.  

If the milk tooth is extracted late, the permanent tooth below does not have any conditions to grow, will find another place to grow, resulting in a permanently crowded, misleading tooth.

Moment of Baby Milk Extraction

The age for replacing baby teeth depends on the type of baby teeth, which are divided into the following groups:  

Two incisors between upper and lower jaw (51,61,71,81): 6-7 years old  

Upper and lower incisors (52,62,72,82): 7-8 years old  

The upper and lower canines (53,63,73,83): 9-11 years old  

First two maxillary teeth (54,64,74,84): 9-10 years old  2nd molars of upper and lower jaw (55,65,75,85): 10-11 years old

Milk tooth extraction at casino uy tín dentistry

Usually, the children are very afraid to go to the dentist to have their milk teeth removed, so it requires the dentist to be friendly and skillful to help the child be comfortable and happy to cooperate in treatment.

For baby teeth not before the time of extraction, the baby should have a complete x-ray of teeth to determine the exact time of extraction. The process of tooth extraction is absolutely safe and sterile, the baby is applied anesthetic or anesthetic before the extraction. Make sure your baby is painless. Time to spit in just a few minutes.

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