Removable Dentures


Classification of Removable Dentures

When we lose one or more even permanent teeth and we do not restore those teeth by denture methods, they will have local and general consequences, affecting dental health and quality. amount of life.

Currently there are many methods of dentures such as Implant implants, prosthetic fixed bridges and removable dentures.

In the removable function there are 2 types:

Partial removable jaw (the patient still has many teeth in the arch of the jaw) is usually metal or also called the jaw frame

Full removable jaw (when the patient loses all teeth) is usually made of plastic

What is removable frame function?

The jaw frame is a semi-removable prosthesis with the main part being a metal frame, the whole alloy structure of the frame (hook, saddle, connecting rod) is molded together into one block. Replacement teeth are attached to acrylic restorations.

Material made of metal frame jaw so high gloss, high gloss prevents oral fluids from getting into the denture convenient for cleaning. Compared with fixed dental porcelain prostheses, the jaw frame does not have to be sharpened and costs less, not to interfere with some intact teeth (root canal) to make prosthetic.

Where is the removable bracket function specified?

The jaw frame is indicated for patients who lose their teeth alternating with too long a loss of teeth that cannot be fixed in place, the back teeth are missing and the teeth are no longer far away, the teeth on one side of the jaw frame are missing. tooth loss patients have fixed prostheses but do not want to grind their teeth.

In some cases, the loss of a tooth without the back tooth, the loss of a tooth on one side of the jaw cannot fix a fixed prosthesis, the patient after the maxillofacial surgery, the jaw frame is the best removable prosthesis.

5 Advantages of Removable Frame Jaw

Advantages in maintaining hygiene for the denture, hygiene for the remaining real teeth and soft tissue in the mouth.

Easily adjust jaws such as adding teeth, adding hooks, cushioning jaw. When losing anterior teeth in the alveolar bone, there is a lot of frame jaw to recover lost bone, so it meets the aesthetic requirement.

The jaw frame is designed to empty the neck area and benefit the rest of the teeth to help maintain these teeth long, increasing appetite when eating. Thanks to the chewing faculties and the rigid connections between restorations and pylons, the force of chewing has little effect on the jawbone (which prevents the bone from functioning rapidly).

The cost of making dentures is low compared to porcelain dental prostheses or implants and the treatment process is simpler and faster. The jaw frame is the best choice for patients with sporadic tooth loss who cannot fix porcelain bridges, cannot implant implants.

The jaw frame is precisely designed based on the strong teeth remaining on the jaw so it is very stable when installed in the mouth, eliminating free movement so the frame jaw gives better chewing ability than plastic removable jaw.

* Note: Treatment results depend on each specific case

Disadvantages of Removable Frame Jaw

When wearing the denture for the first time, patients will feel uncomfortable, difficult to pronounce, difficult to swallow may hurt the mucosa. Compared with plastic removable jaw, the frame function will reduce the feeling so the adaptation time will be shorter because the compact jaw makes the patient comfortable to use.

Maxillofacial Implant At casino uy tín

Making removable dentures using 3Shape Digital technology. This is a 3D scanning method that creates a denture model that looks like a real model to make the denture design more accurate and aesthetic.

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The jaw has a dental plastic backing that has good tensile strength, helps to hold the gum close and can be easily removed when needed. Flexible removable plastic dentures are designed to be easily removed for cleaning.

* Plastic dentures removable in any case?

In case of losing 1 tooth, many teeth or especially the whole tooth can be restored by removable plastic jaws.

In addition, removable plastic jaws are also used in Implant prostheses

+ The biggest advantage of removable plastic jaw is that it has a low cost, can be easily removed for cleaning, so it is quite convenient according to the intention of the denture wearer.

+ Disadvantages of removable jaw quite bulky, not suitable for treatment in the lower arch. The durability of this type of jaw is also not high, after a period of chewing the base of the jaw will be widened causing deviation during eating, then you need to see the dentist to get a tooth impression and wait for a new removable jaw.

The food sensor of removable jaw is not as good as fixed implant, if bad jaw cleaning can cause some dental diseases.

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